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Energy Audits & Feasibility Studies


With a holistic approach to energy solutions, AEC understands the inherent need to determine the viability of an energy projects by initiating a solution that offers not just a power supply solution, but also offers operational and financial benefits.

Energy Efficiency & Audits
"The Cheapest Energy is that which is not necessary to be produced"
Energy Efficiency

With a constant increase in the demand of energy and an equally increasing constraint being placed on both our national and global energy resources, AEC understands the drive toward energy efficiency and offers the undertaking of an Electrical Energy Audit.


AEC’s approach to Electrical Energy Audits is five stage audit model which incorporates the optimization of both essential and non-essential assets. Ultimately the project success is the alignment of your requirements with the focus being:


  • To use energy more efficiently and reduce energy wastage
  • To differentiate between essential and non-essential applications
  • To propose alternative methodologies that can result in savings
  • To identify process optimization opportunities
  • To ensure sustainability in the proposed solutions


Electrical Audits

Electrical systems can be compared to the human body’s cardiovascular system, operating in the background, energising your facility, a fundamental function to any facility operation. It is therefore imperative that proper electrical installation and maintenance procedures are executed. With this growing awareness for electrical compliance, AEC offers the undertaking of an electrical audit.


Our electrical audit ensure the fundamental safety principles and optimum performance of the electrical system are in line with the current code of practice (SANS 10142-1). Audits are conducted on both the incoming supply of electricity and the distribution throughout the facility as well as the earthing and lighting protection systems.

The outcomes of the report identified areas of non-compliance as well proposed recommendation to ensure a safe and optimum electrical system

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Some Examples

Below is a number of applications to show AEC abaility to deliver complex projects in remote and rural areas.

Plant Lighting Energy Saving Initiatives


With lighting systems being the most visible form energy consumption, lighting energy savings initiatives are often the simplest, quickest solutions to implement to achieve energy savings.  

Plant Electrical Audits


A high level Electrical Audit was conducted on the incoming supply of electricity as well as the distribution throughout a production plant facility. Also included in the scope of the study was analysis of the earthing and lightning protection system. The outcomes of the report identified areas of non-compliance as well proposed recommendation to ensure a safe and optimum electrical system.



Enabling the Decision Making Process
AEC is fully equipped with the expert experience and technology knowledge to investigate and analyse the viability and integration of your energy needs in your day to day operations, enabling the decision making process with clear reviews of the risks and potential.
Downloadible whitepapers on Energy Optimization 
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