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Pyrolysis Energy Systems


AEC has partnered with a class leading Pyrolysis process specialists PCE (Pyro Carbon Energy) to bring to market a Diesel generation alternative  beyond compare. We believe we found the fundemental finacial and technical balanced solution. Our Solution generate island power at Diesel Generator capital cost with the benefit of Coal Thermal operation cost

Pyro Carbon Energy

What if you could establish the following?


  • Self generation infrastructure at Diesel Generation Cost

  • Self generation with the thermal feedstock being Coal

  • What if it can be financial economical at the 2 to 50 MW Level


We believe we have found the perfect balance
The proof is in the numbers:
Process background


Carbonaceous Hydrocarbon Recovery (CHR) technology converts volatile-rich carbonaceous material (including coal, biomass, peat, waste tyres, plastic and used grease,) to valuable energy products (fuel gas, oil, tars, and char).  


At the heart of the CHR technology is a multi-stage continuous moving bed Pyrolysis reactor. Mild temperature of the upper stages pyrolysis produces superior quality oil products which contain little or no residue material. 


These quality oil products are directly utilize for the primary fuel for HFO generators. High temperature in the lower stages pyrolysis produces char which can be used for feedstock in metallurgical processes

Bankable Process


To ensure client expectations are managed and bankability is reached we have developed the following approach with PCE

Delmas Testing Facility - Bankable Unit


PCE has established a semi-commercial scale demonstration plant is located in South Africa. The plant is optimised and designed for coal pyrolysis. Configured as a continuous operation and capacity of 40 ton/day of coal producing about 50 bbl/day per day of syn-crude oil. The plan scale is a one-quarter (1/4) of a typical full scale production modular unit.

Pyro Carbon Energy

Fully modular containerized system available


Integration Example


AEC has identified the Cement industry as one of the industries that could benefit extensively from the process as Coal are the prime burning media and the by-product Char from our process can be fet into the Cement burner with minimu Kiln shell modifications.

8MW Cement Plant System with Char backfeed for Kiln firing
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