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Operations and Maintenance Services (O&M)


Since 1995 AEC core management team has supported our clients through various industries and technologies. We believe this has only been made possible by unparalleled commitment to our customers to ensure they remain operational at all times. We are committed to putting our clients first, providing exceptional service and achieving the best outcomes we can by provide our clients access to our people, our partners and our leadership team. 

We drive down existing financial LCOE by up to 40% in the PV Industry


Up to 90% of current African O&M activities in the Utility sized Solar industry are done by companies that have moved from their “Core Business” function to operate in this what they see as a “new” opportunity space. AEC has actively O&M’ed large scale mining operations in countries such as Madagascar, Sierra Leone and The DRC. With our optimized approach to conditioned based maintenance we will drive your long-term LCOE cost to its best performance levels possible, by ensuring plant uptime and finding and driving out inefficiencies in your plant design. This excludes the weather conditions off cause. 

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Steps towards efficient O&M delivery 


Although rated as one of the most reliable power generation technologies, Solar power plants still require a regimen of O&M activities including continual monitoring, periodic inspection, scheduled maintenance and service calls to ensure its long term uptime, performance, and economic viability. AEC offers an array of O&M services fundamental to the optimization of Solar Systems. 

AEC has delivered 160MW Solar projects in the past and found many of the O&M teams onsite, either under trained or understanding critical underlining issues that destroys LCOE over long periods. By providing staffing and training AEC is able to ensure optimum monitoring and service initiatives. Integrated with our head Office expert real time monitoring systems we can control to achieve optimal operations. Information derived from continuous monitoring is utilized in the scheduling of repair and maintenance activities

Cross Africa Model for support of International Project Developers

Accurate and Monitored reporting is the key to AEC achieving an optimized LCOE. These reports shall include the following as a minimum:

  • Yield performance

  • Plant availability

  • Essential (Key Components) failures

  • Non-Essential failures

  • Maintenance Records

  • Top 10 Alarm states

  • Yield Predictions based on current plant performance

  • Spare parts movement with supplier performance

  • Recommended Optimization calculations

  • Chief Engineer Quarterly Report

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