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Energy Audits & Feasibility Studies


With a holistic approach to energy solutions, AEC understands the inherent need to determine the viability of an energy projects by initiating a solution that offers not just a power supply solution, but also offers operational and financial benefits.

Feasibility Studies


Realizing your Project’s Potential


AEC’s Definition of Feasibility


Feasibility analysis can mean different things to different people. Let’s define the term feasibility. The word “feasibility” is derived from “feasible”, which simply means capable of being done or accomplished. Feasibility studies aim to logically find the strengths and weaknesses of a proposed project and the required resources to carry through and ultimately guarantee its success. At AEC our approach includes observing all the key metrics such as technology, funding and legal requirements to ensure the client’s ultimate expectations are met.


Realising your Project's Potential


Central to AEC’s approach is our energy model which incorporates all factors involved in the setup and execution of an energy project. By tailoring our energy model to your project, AEC is able to efficiently deliver:


  • Site and Resource Assessments
  • Conceptual Solutions
  • Energy Yield Models
  • Project Finance Models
  • Project Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Plans



Some Examples

Below is a number of applications to show AEC abaility to deliver complex projects in remote and rural areas.

Plant Integration Feasibility


A feasibility study is one of the most critical and often ignored stages in the development of renewable projects. Equipped with expert experience and technology knowledge, AEC is able to investigate and analyse the feasibility and application of a project, enabling the decision making process with clear reviews of the risks and potential. 


Enabling the Decision Making Process
AEC is fully equipped with the expert experience and technology knowledge to investigate and analyse the viability and integration of your energy needs in your day to day operations, enabling the decision making process with clear reviews of the risks and potential.
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