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PV Solar Commercial & Rooftop Systems

With a holistic approach to Solar Photovoltaic Generation, AEC understands the inherent need to determine the viability of a solar project by initiating a solution that offers not just a power supply solution, but also offers operational and financial benefits.


By analysing your power requirements together with your operation principles, AEC is able to technically conceptualise a solution that can be integrated into your everyday operation.


Upon evaluating the technical performance of a conceptual solution, AEC is able to determine the financial viability of a project by integrating the costs of a solution’s setup and operation together with an array of financing options – resulting in a project that offers high returns with reduced payback periods.

Solar Panels Structure on Flat Roof
Turnkey Renewable Solutions


Risk-Free Project Implementation

AEC has gained a wealth of valuable experience through its numerous large-scale projects – something our potential customers can use to their advantage. Being directly involved in 160MW of Solar systems design, installation and commissioning since 2013 AEC is uniquely positioned in understanding the critical path to ensure Solar PV project get delivered in line with financial commitments


We combine exceptional reliability with first-class service and products to deliver innovative and high-performance integrated power solutions. AEC has become one of the most innovative and reliable service providers in the sector thanks to our continues focus on solar and inverter technology selection for plants ranging from roof systems to full-scale power plants


Switch on rooftop solar in 5 easy steps


Step 1 Get a free quote tailored to your environment

Step 2 Review financial parameters and achieve optimal R.O.I

Step 3 Design your solar panel system

Step 4 Schedule your installation

Step 5 Turn on the power


Optimum System Monitoring & Control

With integrated monitoring and control AEC gives you the ability to monitor and alarm your system performance to ensure optimum output is maintained.


Further to this our system has the ability to ensure you can track your solar system’s production as well as your facilities consumption. With our additional Hybrid Energy Mode functionality, energy demand management is obtainable from day one with “power mode control” literally at your fingertips.


Every 3 minutes someone makes the choice to switch to solar

Integrated Power Management


Dynamic control where you need it most, that’s what AEC offers with our Central Plant Controllers. All your plant algorithms can be integrated in a seamless environment that ensures optimum Grid loading and planning. In Solar applications all detection, evaluation and monitoring is at hand for optimized control rooms. The intelligent control unit monitors the grid access points and automatically regulates the electrical current flow using reactive power.


With a decade experience in Hybrid power systems we can fully integrate your power system into your process plants Power Station with no risk to the process.  With easy selection functions, you can choose between efficiency or production yield modes of operation. With fully integrated KPI’s to ensure optimum response when required and maintenance information at hand for your service team we can bring all control to you. 

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