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Process Systems


AEC because of its focused approach has become a leader in providing specialized services to both mining and manufacturing industries some of which have very cyclical sectors by nature. We specifically focused on sectors such as Metals, Cement, Copper, Glass and Waste Water to name but a few.  

Turnkey E,C&I process projects


AEC has the in-house ability to ensure a cost-effective replicable solution based upon robust well-proven technologies and methodologies. AEC can Design, Procure, Build, Support and Manage any of the functions surrounding a Green Fields installation. It eliminates the complexities when working with multiple-service providers and takes cognizance of the requirements of the intricate process workflow required in systems

Competence Centres


Due to this strong process focus we have become specialist utilizing specific process technologies such as Siemens PCS7. Through our need of deepened understanding of these specific process markets we have established ourselves with some market leading libaries.



By anticipating the growth in the demand for cement, AEC positioned itselves quite early in the Cement sector – having completed 280 projects in the Middle East and Africa, focused on the modernization of plants. Processes included were:

  • Pre Crushing, Milling

  • Kiln and Cooling

  • Blending, Storage and Packagin

The services AEC offer for partiacular remote facalities include:

  • Consulting and Standards

  • Alternative Power Systems - Renewable integration

  • Modernization of Control and Electrical systems - PCS7 CEMAT experts

  • Onsite support and Optimization



Some of our major successes have been in the Copper sector were AEC have performed work for some of the largest Copper producers in the world and definitely in Africa. Some of the processes where AEC were involved includes Pebble and Secondary Crushing, Autogenous Milling, VOD Furnaces, Casting Plant, Copper Filters and Tail Thickeners to name but a few. The services offered electrical panel manufacturing, PCS7 engineering and commissioning and were a combination of brown and green field’s projects and at some times working in conjunction with the plant builders. 

Precious Metals & Minerals


To date AEC has mainly been involved in PCS7 engineering services within the Platinum and Gold mining sectors and as of late have become more involved within a consulting and project management aspect to assist with the upfront concept design, SIB and budgeting process. Some of the plant areas worked on includes UG2, Merensky and Tailings to name but a few.


On the Mineral project side AEC had been responsible for software commisioing from a C3-C5 basis of the largets mineral projects on earth.

Dairy, Brewing & Batching


AEC have gained extensive experience implementing Dairy, Brewing, Batching and Routing applications and have also been fortunate to receive training 1st hand from Siemens Germany on the S88 standard and implementing of it in the Siemens PCS7 enviroment. We have also gained significant experience using S88 Batch products. 


With a number of cheese, icecream and brewing applications done we believe we have the full understanding and approach to succesfully deliver these advance applications

Some Integrated Plant Examples


Below is a number of applications to show AEC abaility to deliver complex projects in remote and rural areas. These applications will clearly demostrate aour ability to design, build and install fully functional E,C&I systems in a number of process projects

Cement Plant - Zimbabwe

Nickel & Minerals - Madagascar

Ferrochrome - Turkey

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