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The Team with Purpose and Passion


AEC is an South African based team that utilizes its client focus and intellectual capacity to deliver large and complex projects. As a service focused organisation, our existence depends on our ability to provide superior services to our clients at limited risk. .


Ricky Huyser

Energy Systems

Skill Highlights:

  • Strategic understanding and growth of Energy Concepts

  • Product development and alignment

  • New market research and analysis


With over 2000 global projects sold and implemented. I believe I have the passion and vision to create industry solutions that is of value not just to me but shareholders and clients alike. In 2013 I established a multinational in a new Renewable business for the manufacturing of key PV systems. This business successfully won and executed 127 MW projects in both the round 1 and 2 of the South African REIPP program.

Robby Rocha
Karessa Gounden-Yssel

Consulting Services

Skill Highlights:

  • Thermal and Renewable Power Analyst

  • Feasibilities Studies of Power Systems

  • Hybrid power Financial models and Algorithms


Using the logical and methodical approach inherited from my training as an Industrial Engineer,  I have developed a number of dynamic, industry specific Hybrid Generation models for industrial and mega power users which  integrate Renewable and Thermal solutions resulting in projects with peak R.O.I’s. These successful feasible projects have featured in countries as far as Somaliland and Tanzania. 

Integrated Systems

Skill Highlights:

  • 2500 Cross Border Projects Delivered

  • 17 International Project Awards

  • 127 MW of PV Projects

  • Commitment to workable methodologies


Failure to execute is this decade’s biggest problem.  Current work-norms are dysfunctional and there is one profoundly simple thing we can change to improve execution – we need to be better at making and keeping commitments. . My commitments are underlined by a clear project execution methodology which allows me to deliver regardless of project technology or country risks. 


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