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Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC)


With over 350MW of design and 254MW of "full-wrap" projects AEC has proven its ability to deliver small to medium size niche EPC energy contracts. Our engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) team provides bankable, innovative, and reliable solutions to customers. Our success in offering complete “turnkey” systems is due to the solid and proven project methodology we have in place. AEC is able to support you through its complete spectrum of services from feasibility studies to full system commissioning

Turnkey EPC, Sub-EPC and EPCM projects


AEC has the in-house ability to ensure a cost-effective replicable solution based upon robust well-proven technologies and methodologies. AEC in a working agreement with both funders or developers can Design, Procure, Build and Manage any of the functions surrounding a Green or Brown Fields generation installation. The AEC approach offers Developers both the technical competence and commercial competitiveness to implement their energy projects successfully. Our approach eliminates the complexities when working with multiple-service providers and takes cognizance of the requirements of the intricate process workflow required in systems. Deliver us your preferred technology and we will integrated it for you in either a process plant or stand alone Grid-tied generation environment.

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5 Steps towards full project delivery 


Each phase of your project will be closely supported by an experienced team leader. Our team of engineers can cope with the most challenging tasks and specialist companies can be integrated into our project team to optimize project control and communication for the client.


Our methodology and commitment to quality will ensure all the necessary steps are in place to guarantee that the plant can be handed over ready for operation within budget and time. These steps include concept development, planning and equipment selection, assistance with financial negotiations, realization and construction including all necessary auxiliary systems.

Cross Africa EPC/M Model for support of International Developers

AEC EPC/M model offer "fullwrap" energy systems for their projects on the African continent. The following services are some of the functions we fulfill:


Full system design
  • PV collector networks

  • Integrated process to energy systems

  • Energy Modelling

  • Inverter Station specifications

  • Grid code compliance and permitting

  • Earthing and lightning systems

  • Regulatory signoff


Logistic management
  • Cross border transport and clearing

  • Transformer transport and assembly

  • Expat Visa’s

  • Accommodation & Transport


Equipment sourcing
  • Local content management

  • Local product sourcing  

  • ECIC sourcing support


Construction Services
  • Turnkey "Fullwrap" offers EPC

  • Design and Project Management Support EPCM

  • Key construction staff   

  • Inverter station manufacturing

  • Local workforce identification

  • Construction Management

  • Project Commissioning

  • Project performance handover 


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