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With an exponential rise in energy costs expected over the next two decades and beyond, AECs experience in both the process and energy sector has warranted the development of a totally unique solution that allows for industry to control their future energy tariffs. Hydemand™ supported by our “Three Pillar” approach allows our customers access to an optimized process-energy environment that’s free of CAPEX and OPEX limitations

Plant or Building Integration


Hydemand™ is “optimized returns with zero investment” it utilizes a waterfall methodology which 1stly optimized essential and non-essential loads, 2ndly it ensures current installations are ISO and OHS act compliant and 3rdly it integrated self-generation options into the new optimized environment.


AEC delivers a full roadmap to enable any client to both understand, optimize and maintain its energy opportunities in a framework that ensure proper financial control and paybacks.


Hydemand™ is “optimized returns with zero investment”

Waterfall Hydemand™ Approach

Below is a clear illustration of the methodology in action

44% Energy cost saving over 20 years at zero CAPEX

The project success is the alignment of your requirements with the focus being:
  • To use energy more efficiently and reduce energy wastage

  • To differentiate between essential and non-essential applications

  • To propose alternative methodologies that can result in savings

  • To identify process optimization opportunities

  • To ensure sustainability in the proposed solutions


We can effectively create a power roadmap for you including all aspects:
  • Need to measure your plants “PUE” “power usage effectiveness”

  • Optimized production to power use

  • Understand own generation opportunities

  • Understand Integrated energy algorithm for plant

  • Before you take ANY action, find ALL your opportunities

  • Have a clear approach for non vs essential components

  • Biggest mistake is to do things before knowing all the options

  • Ensure you are and stay legal

Enabling the Decision Making Process
AEC is fully equipped with the expert experience and technology knowledge to investigate and analyse the viability and integration of your energy needs in your day to day operations, enabling the decision making process with clear reviews of the risks and potential.
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