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Integrated Hybrid Energy and Demand Management


With the increasing fossil fuel price and the converse price reduction in renewable energy technologies, renewable energy is rapidly becoming a cost competitive solution in decentralized energy systems. By integrating renewable energy, AEC’s Hybrid System’s approach significantly reduces fuel and O&M costs, resulting in attractive payback periods in the investment of energy generation.

With over 300MW of Hybrid Solutions AEC has the relevant experience to fully integrate your energy system with no risk to the commercial and manufacturing process. This experience serves as the foundation of our strategic vision for sustainable solutions, which allow our customers to maximize their energy efficiency and operational performance.

Solar Battery


AEC optimum auto-sizer algorithm configures the Solar Battery system to the best possible LCOE based on your power utilization. Our approach recognize the impact of the environment, cost of energy and utilization factor of power at the point of demand. Considering all factors AEC can guarantee optimal cost of generation in both standby and island power configurations.

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Demand Shift Battery


The goal of “Demand Shift” is to reduce electricity demand at times when the cost of energy from the utility is at its highest. The increase of the efficiency of the system by syncing both the demand and supply to the best possible low value cycle allows for major energy cost savings in a “time off use” energy environment

Diesel Battery


The AEC Diesel/Battery system is the integration of batteries with conventional diesel generation equipment. Running the generation sets in combination with our battery system offers significant efficiency improvement by allowing the engines to operate at the optimal load and absorbing many of the load fluctuations. By “absorption” of the efficient power at lower utilization times the system allows the engine to operate closer to its optimum design point where it has highest efficiency and least emissions. This will result in reduced fuel cost/maintenance cost, increased system performance and power supply response. The system can be installed in both new installations as well as retrofitting of existing installations. 

Full Hybrid “Flex”


Full Hybrid “Flex” gives our customers the flexibility to utilize all available hybrid technologies to offer both a sustainable and financially viable Off grid solution. Solar and Batteries is the primary energy supplier with Gas/Diesel doing to “fill-in” work to ensure sustainability of the financial model. This model has offered our clients some of the best LCOE cost available for “Island mode” Off grid applications.

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