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Recent Technology

Fluidic Energy is delivering revolutionary low cost and intelligent sustainable energy storage

Ricky Huyser July 2015


A quiet startup in Scottsdale, Arizona called Fluidic Energy showed off its grid-scale metal air batteries for one of the first times. The battery technology was developed at Arizona State University by ASU Materials Science Professor and Fluidic founder Cody Friesen, and spun out several years ago.


A battery is usually made up of an anode on one side and a cathode on the other, with an electrolyte in between. Fluidic’s battery uses zinc as the metal for the anode, air as the cathode, which is drawn in from the environment, and a liquid electrolyte. Air batteries have long been attractive to researchers because oxygen is abundant, free, and doesn’t require a heavy casing to keep it inside a battery cell.

Energy Storage for Reliable Energy Supply

Ricky Huyser April 2015


The Energy Buffer Unit is one of the most recent innovations on the energy market. The high-capacity battery storage system is used directly in the primary frequency response market. Boasting an output of 750 kilowatts (VAC) for 40 minutes for each battery container, the energy storage system is an efficient solution to help stabilize national energy grids and thereby guarantee reliable energy supply during the energy turnaround.


The high-current-compatible lead acid batteries have been optimized especially for this application and guarantee reliable and secure operation of the system. The innovative control concept and battery management system ensure the longevity and security of the EBU. Thanks to the container design of the storage system, it can be used at any location and can be scaled to almost any size you require. The system can achieve an AC output into the multi megawatt range


3.0 MegaWattBlock ®Hybrid

Ricky Huyser December 2014


3.0 MegaWattBlock sets new standards in solar power production. The power plant unit is designed to create a solar power plant, that delivers power at the lowest possible levelized costs of electricity. On a par with the functionality of large conventional power plants, our grid-stabilizing power plant technology makes it possible to intelligently integrate renewable energy sources in existing power grids.


The 3.0 MegaWattBlock achieves an optimal space efficiency with its Triple Support design. For that the whole system design has been re-engineered. In addition to leading technology components of General Electric and First Solar the approved grid stabilization system has been applied to this ac power unit. The MegaWattBlock based on a scalable system design in 2000kVA ac power units. 

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